If compassion and caring for your fellow human beings is important to you, then a vote for a progressive candidate is your best bet.  It's a shame that we have to call simple human decency "progressive."  The idea of taking care of those less fortunate than us is a tenet of almost all of the most ancient spiritual belief systems.  For as long as we've had those belief systems, we've also had those who believe the poor are just lazy or stupid and don't deserve our assistance.  While we here at The Center for Unhindered Living do believe that there are things you can do to help lift yourself out of poverty, we also believe that everyone needs help now and then, and this help should be offered without judgment as to the worthiness of the recipient. We the people who form the government of this nation have a responsibility to our fellow human beings, and especially to the children who through no fault of their own are caught in poverty situations. 

Consequently, we have to ask ourselves which candidate for president presents us with the best opportunity to carry out this directive. Since the Republican party insists at every turn that they want to cut federal funding that would benefit the poor, the elderly, women, children, and those without healthcare, we must look elsewhere for that candidate.  ​We believe Bernie Sanders is that candidate. 

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