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You probably have Chronic Kidney Disease without knowing it.  

 Check the symptoms here.   

The allopathic, western model of healing is nothing more than the management of symptoms. If you have a headache, take a painkiller.  You will suppress the pain, but not cure the cause of the pain.  If you have cancer, cut out the tumor and irradiate the cells, rather than find what is causing the cells to grow in the first place.  If you don't attend to the cause, the disease will return!  What we want is not just to manage symptoms, but to correct the imbalance which caused the symptoms in the first place. 

Unhindered Living is creating a life that works for you.  At The Center for Unhindered Living removing obstacles to good health is our goal. We all would like to have good health, but we have to remove the obstacles that are keeping us from experiencing good health.  Sometimes that means changing something in our lifestyle that is a hindrance. Sometimes we would like to utilize the advice of a health care professional or try what we think will be an effective treatment, but those treatments are either too expensive, too unpleasant, too painful or end up making our problems worse in the long run.  Many of us feel we have been misled by health care professionals and drug companies, and we'd prefer to try some other alternative. Sometimes the treatments themselves actually get in the way of the natural healing process.  You have the right to free yourself from the hindrances that are keeping you from having good health.  Emancipate yourself from the mainstream healthcare system. We want to help you do that. 

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