Currently Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany all offer free university education in real bricks-and-mortar classrooms. 

University of the People offers tuition-free, online college education to any high school graduate.  They currently offer Associate and Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science. 

World Education University offers tuition-free online degrees of Global Associate of Arts, WEU Prep Academy, and a Writing for Publication program.  

Click this link to read about 11 brick-and-mortar U.S. schools who don't charge tuition.  At some of the schools, students may have to hail from a certain region or come from a low-income background. Some schools require on-campus work or service after graduation. Make sure and read the fine print. 

​​Stanford University will provide free tuition to parents of students who earn less than $100,000 per year — and if they make less than $65,000, they won't have to contribute to room and board costs, either. Students are expected to contribute up to $5000 from summer work.  ​But that's still a good deal. There are ten other ivy league schools with similar policies. 

​​Free University Education

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