Coercion is defined as the intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of 

psychological pressure, physical force, or threats. 

When does coercion occur?  Coercion begins in childhood when parents force children to act against their will with the threat of spanking, restriction of movement, withholding of love or attention, or other victimization.  It continues as schools, churches, and other institutions try to use societal pressure to insure social conformity.  It then continues through laws which restrict personal freedoms by imposing the personal moral beliefs of government officials on the populace.  

​We assert that the use of pressure against any individual by another individual, by any institution, or by any governmental body or agency is coercion and should be avoided. The only exception would be the need for governments and or individuals to restrain those who would use physical violence against another person.

This right applies only to individual persons, not corporations or businesses, who need to be regulated to maintain the freedom of the individual.

Freedom from Coercion