Poverty, Unemployment, Lack of healthcare, lack of education, declining morality, breakdown of the family........

​The list could go on and on.  We hear on the one hand that the government should be helping to relieve poverty, provide jobs and healthcare, and make sure children have educational opportunities.  On the other hand, we hear from the church that it is the declining morality and breakdown of the family which is causing the poverty, unemployment, and so on.  Everyone wants to blame someone else for what's wrong...when actually, none of these things is to blame for the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

You cannot and should not depend upon the government, the church, a spouse, an employer, or anyone else to provide for you or fix what's wrong in your life. They can't fix it, only you can.

Let's take an example.  A man and woman have a relationship. The woman gets pregnant. The man takes off and she never sees him again. She has the baby, and raises him herself, but because she has no education, she cannot get a job and ends up on welfare.  Now, some would say that because of her lack of morality, she had sex outside of marriage and that created the problem. Some would say that because the father did not accept his responsibility for the child and marry the woman that this caused the problem.  Some would say that because this is a broken family, there is not the support for that woman so that she can get an education, get a job, or have enough money to stay off welfare.

OK, LET'S ALL REALIZE that NONE of these things is really the problem.  People just use these ideas to further their own agendas.  

The first problem in this scenario is our ideas about education, jobs and money. It's not true that you need a college education to make money and have real wealth. This woman, from the privacy of her own home, could make millions of dollars. She can have enough money to stay off welfare, spend quality time with her child, and become successful. No one ever got wealthy by working for someone else. If you need help finding a way to make money from home, I CAN SHOW YOU HOW. There are thousands of ways to do this, I make my living totally from home, and you can do it to.

The second problem is that we depend too much on other people. We want to depend upon an employer for our income, a babysitter to take care of our child, a relationship or marriage to supposedly give us security and stability, but it's all an illusion.  Only YOU can give yourself those things.  Depend upon YOURSELF, and no one else.

Of course, if you need to rely on food stamps or other assistance in an emergency situation, there's nothing wrong with that.  But, it's not necessary to depend on it. 

I can show this woman how to raise her child well, provide for herself and the child, and become respected and successful. She needn't feel any stigma about getting pregnant, she needn't worry about money, and she needn't feel she needs to adopt somebody else's idea of morality. 

There is poverty because we have convinced people that it exists. It doesn't have to exist.  Poverty exists because people have been convinced that there is only one way to success:  get a college education and get a job.  Well, that's not the ONLY way to be successful.  And it's NOT the BEST way to be successful.  

​Steps to Overcoming Social Problems

1.  Change your limiting beliefs.

Refuse to allow society to define for you how you should live. You don't need a relationship to be happy, and you don't need anyone else to provide for you. You don't need two parents to have a stable family, and you can be a good parent and provide all the love  and attention your child needs. You don't need a college education to be successful, and you can define for yourself your own spirituality and morality.  Change the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck where you are. 

2.  Learn how to be financially stable and independent. 

You will never be truly prosperous if you work for someone else.  No matter what your circumstances, you can work from home and become successful.  

3.  Learn to raise your child with respect, acceptance, love and cooperation, rather than punishment, humiliation and manipulation which so often characterize parenting styles.  Learn to be a partner with your child and cooperate together rather than an authoritarian he or she must obey, which sets up a power struggle you will regret for the rest of your life, and perpetuates the problems in our society.

4.  Learn to love and respect yourself.

You are valuable, strong, worthy, and responsible. You are capable of becoming successful. You deserve happiness. Even if you have made mistakes in your life, you are still worthy of respect and honor. Above all, love yourself, trust yourself, and you can do anything.

5.  Learn some techniques which can raise your self-esteem, get rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and bring you health, prosperity and happiness.

One of those techniques is called ABT or Accu-Balancing Technique.  This is an energy balancing technique which helps you get rid of the negative emotions which are getting in your way or negative beliefs which are holding you back,  can correct things like anxiety, depression, phobias, or other emotional states that are distressing to you, and can actually help program you so that financial opportunity starts to come your way. It can also get rid of physical pain that is holding you back, can help you develop a healthy parenting style or other things you would like to develop within yourself.  In one 30 minute session in person or over the phone, I can get you started on the road to Financial, Emotional, Spiritual and Personal Freedom.

Click Here for other Tools to remove obstacles to the life you want. 

Stop living according to other people's expectations of you.  You can live the life you've always wanted, you can live the life of your dreams.  The only thing holding you back is YOU,  and the fact that you believe the myths our institutions have convinced you of.

If you just can't believe in that yet, we can provide you with some personal coaching to help get you there.  Even though we've never met you, we love you, respect you, and want to help you. 

We are committed to experiencing joy in our own lives, and helping you to learn to experience it in yours.  We are committed to living out our own dreams, and we want to help you live out yours. 

Don't accept what the world believes about you.  YOU CREATE your own reality.  You are special the way you are, and you can create the life you want.  

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you change your life. Please understand, teaching these techniques pays our bills and helps us live our dreams. We want to help you learn to do the same for yourself.

Do you want to be OFF food stamps?  Do you want to own a home of your own?  Do you want to be able to stay home and spend quality time with your child? Do you want to rid yourself of painful memories and the emotions that go with them? Do you want to finally, be happy?

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