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Many of us find the medical establishment and their treatments to be a hindrance to our good health and happiness. I personally use the medical system and their "treatments" only when I have no other alternative. I prefer natural healing methods. However, I cannot make that decision for anybody else. 

One area that stirs quite a bit of controversy is vaccinations. I personally don't take them because I find the ingredients in the vaccinations to be dangerous, ​The fact that there is a special court just for vaccine injury cases, and the fact that they pay out millions of dollars every year to vaccine injured patients is proof enough of their danger. 

​However, there are good and responsible parents on both sides of the argument. Neither is being unreasonable. All want what is best for their child. 

So let's have a little something for each side. 

Our goal on this website is to question all our thoughts. Are they true? This is the essence of The Work.

So pick out a thought that troubles you. For the parents that vaccinate, let's try this one. "Non-vaccinated children are going to infect my child so that they get an infectious disease." So the first question is, Is it true? Can you absolutely know that it's true for certain?

If your child catches a disease, you can't possibly know that an

unvaccinated child infected them. It might interest you to know that

after a child has been vaccinated, you can catch the disease they

were vaccinated against for up to six weeks after they were

vaccinated. What I'm saying is, the VACCINATED child can pass the

disease to you. Especially if they are a baby or toddler and you are

changing their diapers daily. The live virus or bacterial comes out in

the stool for up to six weeks. So anyone exposed to that child and

especially those who change the diapers are at risk of catching the

very disease they were vaccinated against. So you can't possibly

know that an unvaccinated child is the one that your child caught

the disease from. It could just as easily have been an adult or

another vaccinated child. 

                                               The CDC website contains a discussion of factors which affect whether or not you                                                    catch an infectious disease. Handwashing is considered one of the best deterrents to                                                infectious disease. The CDC says that of those who are exposed to a disease during                                                  an epidemic, 10% of them will not come down with the disease. Why do you think                                                      think that is? That's 10% of UNVACCINATED people will not catch the disease, even                                                      though they were exposed. Why? 

                                               It's because their lifestyle has kept them from getting it. The other 90% could help                                                    themselves to not get it either by adopting the same lifestyle. But that's another                                                        discussion for another page. 

                                               So, let's say you are sitting at your child's school, waiting for your child to come out                                                  and two parents are talking about how they did not vaccinate their children. And you                                                think the thought, "An unvaccinated child is going to infect my child." How do you                                                      react when you think that thought? Are you afraid, angry, confused? 

Now your child comes out and the child is happy, smiling, and obviously feeling well. Let's say that you don't have the thought "An unvaccinated child is going to infect my child" available to you. If you are unable to think that thought, how would you react to those two parents who are talking? You see, your child is in no danger. She is fine. You are fine. You are both safe. Nothing bad is happening to you in this present moment. So who is causing you distress? It's your own thoughts, not the other parents or children. Because if the thought didn't exist, you wouldn't be upset. 

The reality is, many unvaccinated children do just fine, and nobody that's exposed to them gets sick. When we argue with reality, we cause ourselves pain and suffering. Believing our own thoughts is what causes us pain and suffering. 99% of our thoughts are not true. 

Our thoughts are not real, they are only projections. You are afraid of unvaccinated children, so you are projecting your fears onto other people. There is nothing to fear. 

"So what if my child does get an infectious disease?"  Then they get it.  In this day and time, there are treatments for these diseases. The diseases have evolved naturally and our immune systems have evolved naturally to fight them. But the vaccinations contain ingredients that were never meant to be injected into a human body. Our immune systems are permanently damaged by such ingredients. 

But I'm not asking you to take my word for it. I'm just asking you to notice which of your thoughts are causing you stress. When you have a stressful thought, that is a signal that this thought is not true. That's why it's causing you pain. Pain is an indicator that something needs to be changed. 

And since the only thing you can change is your own thoughts, then that's all you can do. You can't change other people or the situation. To think you can is to argue with reality. And when you argue with reality, you increase your stress, suffering and pain. 

You will NEVER be able to be sure that every person your child comes in contact with is vaccinated. You will NEVER be able to convince every parent to agree with you and vaccinate their child. And believe it or not, most infectious diseases break out in VACCINATED populations. So even getting the shot is no guarantee your child won't get sick. 

Since it's not possible to completely avoid disease, perhaps you should do a worksheet on the thought "Getting sick is bad." Is it true? 

In case I haven't mentioned it before, you can find the Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and the Four Questions and Turnarounds here on our blog.  Or you can print them out from The Work of Byron Katie.

Now, for the non-vaxxing folks. How about this one. "If I vaccinate my child, they will have a terrible reaction." Is it true? 

Now, we can't deny that there have been some bad reactions to vaccines. But can you absolutely know that it's true that YOUR child will have a terrible reaction? 

Nobody can know that. What happens if you think the thought "My child will have a terrible reaction?" How do you react? Do you feel afraid, confused, angry? So everyone's acting out of fear. The vaxxers are acting out of fear, and so are the anti-vaxxers. Acting out of fear is never a good way to make decisions. 

The fact is that many children get vaccinations and do not suffer irreparable harm. To deny that is to argue with reality. And arguing with reality causes you stress. 

So they might get sick if they get the shot, and they might get sick if they don't. So the shot is not the problem. It's your thoughts about the shot that are causing you stress. 

Right now, in this present moment, your children are fine. They aren't sick, and they don't need medicine. The only thing causing you stress right now at this moment is your thoughts about the shot, other parents, and unvaccinated children. Your thoughts are creating your stress, not the situation. 

So let's say neither of these thoughts are available to you. The thought "An unvaccinated child is going to infect my child" and the thought "My child will have a terrible reaction." If neither of those thoughts was available to you, how would you react when it's time to get shots? You would decide to have them, or not, and there would be no stress. No matter what your decision, you would have no animosity toward others and no fear. Because whether your child gets the shot or not, they can still get the disease. And whether they get the disease or not, everything will be fine. Your decision will make very little difference. 

But your decision to now believe your thoughts will make all the difference to your peace and happiness. 

I suggest you apply the Four Questions and Turnarounds to all your stressful thoughts in regard to the medical system. You will see that there are no angels and villains here. Only suffering people. 

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