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But we've also come to see that there's more to life than spouting opinions and trying to convince people to agree with you. That's called "Arguing with Reality." Yes, if you ask me which way of giving birth I think is best, I'll still tell you that home birth is best. I'll still tell you that many forms of medical treatment are dangerous and should be avoided. But those are my choices. And I've come to see that it's better to help you make peace with the troubling thoughts swirling around in your brains than to try to convince you which way is right. 

So I'd rather talk to you about why you make the choices you make. What fears are you trying to deal with by making those choices? Wouldn't you prefer not to live in fear? Wouldn't you prefer to not have troubling thoughts about the past? I don't care what decisions you make as long as it's grounded in reality and brings you happiness, not pain.

So in each of the areas that I used to write about, we are going to explore how to be free from suffering in those areas by applying the Four Questions and Turnarounds to your thoughts. You should be able to make significant progress towards no longer making decisions out of fear, and being content with what life brings you.  First let's talk about some of the "Nuts and Bolts" of using the Four Questions and Turnarounds. Then, click on the area below that you are interested in.

The Power of Understanding Reality

Meditating on Your Life 

Unhindered Childbirth

Unhindered Parenting

Natural Health and Healing

Money and Financial Freedom

Spiritual Enlightenment

Staying Mentally Healthy

Social Justice Issues

The AccuBalancing Technique

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​In the past, this website has been devoted to writing about Unhindered Living - living your life the way you want, no matter what anyone else says. And we still support that.