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​The purpose of Unhindered Living is to remove the obstacles to living the life you want.  We have found that most organized religion tends to impede the spiritual progress of the individual because it imposes a set of dogmas which inhibit the individual from trusting and respecting their own inner wisdom, and because it requires unquestioning loyalty to an authority, whether a god, leader, book or idea. 

We assert that you are healthy, whole and complete just as you are.  You are not broken or lost, and do not need fixing or saving.  You need only to recognize and nurture that ineffable part of yourself that is connected to the rest of nature. 

We assert that the idea of faith, an unquestioning belief in something that cannot be proven, is unhealthy and unwise.  We suggest you use your own experience as your guide.

We represent no particular church, denomination or religious belief system, therefore, we are free to guide you gently into that place spiritually that is right for you and you alone.  You needn't feel bound by spiritual traditions that don't resonate with or feel right to you. 
Each person has an innate spirituality within them which is separate and apart from any church or religion. You can access that spiritual center to receive guidance and strength for everyday living. 

Characteristics of Healthy Spirituality

Spirituality is simply the search for meaning in everyday life.  This meaning does not need to involve belief in a deity or the supernatural. Although you are free to decide for yourself, we find no evidence that a deity or the supernatural exists.  Many of the things people have called miraculous or supernatural down through the years we can now explain through quantum physics.  Yet there is a unique quality to our inner selves which is far more fulfilling than daily physical reality. When we use the word "spiritual" or "spirituality" we are not implying that anything supernatural exists. We are simply referring to that emergent quality of human existence which is more than simply the functioning of our brain synapses.  We are referring to consciousness, which although it arises from our brain functioning, is more than simply the physical attributes of the brain.  There is an emergent quality to our brain functioning that makes us more than the sum of our parts.  

Healthy spirituality involves the following qualities:

1.  Affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all beings.

2.  Has compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love       as its foundation.

3.  Accepts each person's path as right for them and           does not devalue paths that are different from their       own.

4.  Encourages individuals to look within for the source       of wisdom and knowledge. 

5.  Acknowledges that each person is in and of                   themselves complete and that nothing outside the         person is required for a fulfilling spiritual existence.

6.  Recognizes that spirituality arises effortlessly from       our own connection with the natural world and does     not require association with a particular religious           institution or belief system.

7.  Stresses the releasing of judgment and the                   acceptance of the unity and connectedness of all. 

8.  Is committed to the democratic process and has as       its goal world community with equality, peace, liberty     and justice for all. 

On this site, we will be exploring different spiritual perspectives and whether or not, in practice, they are wise and helpful.  Click on the links below, and check back often as we will be adding new topics on a frequent basis.

​Unhindered Spirituality