Biased Healthcare Information

There are many ways in which healthcare information is biased in our country.

Experimenter bias.

Statistical bias

Funding bias.

Racial bias.

Gender bias.

Study samples are not representative of the population.

Medical doctors have a bias against non-medical treatments.

Insurance companies will not pay for non-medical treatment.

Medical doctors rarely inform patients of all available alternatives, even though the Patient’s Bill of Rights requires it.

Doctors do not discuss possible side effects of medications they prescribe.

Here’s an article in WebMD about a survey they take of doctors every year. In this survey, doctors report bias toward patients based on:

  • Emotional problems (62%)
  • Weight (52%)
  • Intelligence (44%)
  • Language differences (32%)
  • Insurance coverage (23%)

This can definitely affect your care. Read the whole article.

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