Why the Bible is not Appropriate for Children

Would you allow your child to read, or would you tell your child bedtime stories from a book that includes topics such as:

  • Mass murder of children
  • Gang rape and dismemberment
  • Parents using their children as human sacrifices
  • Slavery depicted as acceptable
  • Stoning of children for being disobedient
  • God melting people in a fiery furnace
  • Ritual genital mutilation – circumcision
  • Cannibalism – eating of children
  • Physical and psychological torture

These are not appropriate topics for children to be exposed to. They are frightening and cause psychological trauma.

I once heard a child ask his parent, “Daddy, would you ever sacrifice me like Abraham’s son if God told you to?” Even though the father assured his child that he wouldn’t, it doesn’t make sense to the child because on the one hand you tell him he should obey God, and then you say you wouldn’t obey that command. Then the child not only has guilt because he’s asking you to disobey God, but he’s fearful that you will lie to him as Abraham did to Isaac in the story, and lure him into a dangerous situation. If you as a parent want to maintain your child’s trust in you, you will NOT tell him this story. Because if he or she believes in God, he or she will always suspect that your allegiance is to God first and to him second. And in fact, the Bible does say this. “Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me cannot be my disciple.” (Matthew 10:37) A child will then be living in fear that God might tell you to do something that would ultimately be harmful to him or her. This is a psychologically damaging way to live.

Children are not able to understand the subtle differences between reality and fantasy. They don’t understand figures of speech and metaphors. They take everything literally, that’s how their brains are wired.

I remember having nightmares as a child based on stories I heard from the Bible, but I could never talk to my family about them because of what devout Christians they were. This is too much for a child to handle. People tell these stories to children and lead them to believe these stories actually happened when they were, in fact, just myths and stories. Please don’t tell these stories to your children, and if you do, please make sure they know these stories didn’t really happen.

You may say, well, I don’t read those parts to my child. Well, does your child have a Bible of their own? Do you encourage them to read it on their own? Then you can’t keep them from reading those passages. Do you really want your young boys reading passages that depict rape as acceptable? That tell them women should submit to them?

If your child’s schoolteacher read the children a story about rape, you’d be at the school protesting. Why don’t you have the same objections to the Bible? To your children, there is no difference.

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