Statin Drugs are Dangerous and Unnecessary

Closely related to the cholesterol and saturated fat myth is the statin myth. Currently, it appears that approximately 27.8% of people over the age of 40 are taking a statin drug. That’s one out of every four. But is it helping?

Here’s a great video about the cholesterol/statin controversy, interview with Dr. Ken Berry, family physician.

The NNT, or number needed to treat, is a way we express the likelihood that a drug or treatment will be effective. The NNT for statin drugs is 300. That means 300 people have to be treated with the drug for one person to receive a benefit. So that means that 299 out of every 300 people that take a statin drug receive NO BENEFIT. Are you okay with being one of the 299?

Here is a great explanation of how the NNT is calculated and what it really means. Healthcare Triage

Another video with a great explanation of logical medical decision-making and how to decide if you want to take a statin or not.

Statins also deplete your Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B12. So if you choose to take a statin, supplementing with these substances is vital. Ironically, taking a statin can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke, which is what you were taking them to try and prevent. They can also worsen diabetes.

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