Don’t Try to Improve

All our lives we’ve been told we should be trying to improve ourselves. We should try harder to be a good person, try hard to make good grades, work hard at our job to get promoted, and so forth. The question is, why?

When someone says you should try to improve yourself, they are implying that you aren’t good enough. There’s something wrong with you. Is this true?

Absolutely not. I don’t even have to know you to know that’s not true. Why is one person deemed better than another? Even if you’ve made mistakes in your life, that doesn’t make you less valuable than someone else. In fact, some of the things people call “mistakes” really aren’t. They were learning experiences. Why does someone else have the right to judge you as wrong? The words right and wrong should be strickened from our vocabulary.

Do you really need to compete against others to be the best? Does that really make you feel good? How does it feel to always feel like you’re not good enough? Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could be happy with who you are and not care what others think?

People always come up with some exceptions. “So are you saying drug addicts shouldn’t try to get clean? Are you saying those who are uneducated shouldn’t try to learn?” I am saying that everyone should do what makes them happy. If you think drugs are going to make you happy, try them. When you do, you may find you like them. But you may find that while you liked them at first, you weren’t happier in the long run. I am not going to judge you no matter what group you fall into. It’s your life.

We need to keep our noses in our own business and out of others’ lives. If people want help, it should be available. But we should stop pretending we know what is best for everyone else. Often, when we stop striving for some goal, we can comfortably settle into who we are, and be happy with ourselves.

if you are thinking of someone you know who you think should improve because you believe they are wrong, there’s something you need to realize: it’s okay to be wrong. There’s no good reason to try and be right all the time, because whether you’re right or wrong doesn’t matter. Being right isn’t better than being wrong. And every person has a right to be incorrect.

If you want to change something, do so because it’s your heart’s desire, not because society expects it of you.

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