Why do we Tolerate Ineffective Diabetes Care?

When a person finds out they have Type 2 Diabetes, they are immediately started on Metformin. They are told to follow the American Diabetes Association diet, which tells diabetics they can have three servings of carbohydrates per meal, or approximately 200 carbs per day. If these two measures don’t adequately control your blood glucose, other drugs will be added. After about five years on oral medications, you will probably transition to using insulin, because oral medications will no longer be sufficient. You may then have to take two different kinds of insulin, one short-acting insulin for mealtimes, and one long-acting insulin for night time and between meals, because now you are at the point where your liver is making glucose 24/7, even when you don’t need it. And now you have exhausted all the pharmacological tricks that modern medicine provides.

By now you are also probably on blood pressure medicine, diuretics, and a host of other prescription medications. The trouble is, none of these are going to prevent what you are desperately trying to prevent – cardiovascular events, and death. Studies of Metformin, as well as all the other diabetes drugs we have, indicate that none of them decrease your chance of cardiovascular events, kidney disease, blindness, or death. And the treatment regimen that diabetics are forced to endure reduce quality of life just as much as if you’d had a stroke.

Watch this video of a doctor explaining all the research on diabetes treatments and why they are ineffective.

If none of the available treatments are going to prolong our lives, and they severely reduce our quality of life, then why do we continue to take them?

You don’t have to settle for this situation. There is something else you can do. What have you got to lose, since what you’re doing isn’t going to be effective?

The ADA diet is 200 carbs a day. Shouldn’t you be trying to reduce carbs as low as possible, since carbs are what is making your body sick? Those who have embarked upon the Ketogenic Diet have seen remarkable improvement in their diabetic symptoms. Blood sugar drops, kidney disease reversed in many cases, blood pressure normalizes, all the body’s systems begin to balance out – once you stop putting into your body the poison that is making you sick.

Yes, carbohydrates are poison to the body of diabetics. You need fats, there are “essential fatty acids” the body needs. And you need protein – there are “essential amino acids” found in protein. But did you know that there are NO ESSENTIAL CARBOHYDRATES.? That’s right, there is nothing in carbohydrates that your body can’t make from proteins and fats – so you don’t need them.

200 carbs per day is too many carbs for even a healthy person.

Eventually they will develop degenerative disease of some kind if they continue to eat this way. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune diseases. They are all caused by excess carbohydrate intake. Excess carb intake causes hyperinsulinemia, fermentation, and inflammation, the three disease processes responsible for all degenerative disease.

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