Outdated Mental Health Paradigms

Most of today’s therapeutic approaches to mental health are based on Sigmund Freud’s theories of the mind, for which he had no evidence. He postulated that today’s mental health challenges were caused by trauma experienced in the past. We reject this viewpoint in favor of the work of psychologist Alfred Adler, who believed that every behavior is goal-oriented. We behave the way we do because we have made a conscious or unconscious decision to engage in behavior that helps us reach a perceived goal.

We aren’t in control of what thoughts drift through our minds, but we can control how we respond to those thoughts.

Mental health care that focuses on past trauma reinforces in the mind the idea that one is a victim. The past is over and can’t affect us today, unless choosing to allow it to affect us gets us closer to a perceived goal. What are some possible goals that feeling like a victim might help us reach?

Getting attention

Gives us a justification to vent powerful feelings

Makes people treat us with kid gloves

Allows us to build a wall around ourselves

Allows us to justify treating others badly

Allows us to avoid contact with others

Allows us to avoid work/life responsibilities

Allows us to feel “special” because this traumatic thing happened to us

Gives us a strong identity

Allows us to feel in control of the situation

It’s important to realize that any thought that causes you stress is an untrue thought. There are ways to release your attachment to these untrue thoughts.

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