Removing Obstacles to Good Health

There are many obstacles to good health. Some obstacles are within the system. Some obstacles we throw up in our own way.

We will be discussing information you can use to make informed health decisions. We will discuss the risks, possible side effects, chances of success, and ethics of Western medicine, alternative medicine, complementary and integrative therapies, functional medicine and mind-body medicine.

Our role is not to diagnose or treat and disease, but simply to provide education. If there are any health topics you would like us to discuss, please drop us a line and mention them.

Patient Bill of Rights
What Causes Disease?
What Your Doctor Won’t Disclose
What Kind of Healthcare Provider Should I Get?
Don‘t Want To See a Doctor? Diagnose-Me
Order your own Laboratory Test
The Food Pyramid and My Plate – are they healthy?
Antibiotics Can Damage Your DNA
Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Still Being Scapegoated by Doctors American Diabetes Association Diet Scam
The Optimum Human Diet
The Ketogenic Lifestyle
Fructose Malabsorption Syndrome
Removing Obstacles to Good Sleep
Analysis of Macronutrients and Their Effect on Health & Disease
We know What Causes Cancer – Why Aren’t Doctors Taught This?
Treating Diabetes with Insulin -Are You Doing It Wrong?
Statin Drugs are Dangerous and Unnecessary
Why Not to Have a Mammogram
The Online Childbirth Class
Outdated Mental Health Paradigms

My Kidney Diabetes Labs
Why Do We Continue to Accept Ineffective Diabetes Care?

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