Removing Obstacles to Prosperity

What does prosperity mean to you? We must acknowledge that it means different things to different people. For some, it means having the freedom and resources to do whatever you want. For others, it means being truly happy no matter how much or how little you have.

Prosperity is not about money, it is about freedom. Some people feel weighed down by possessions and the burden of paying for them. Freedom for them is a simple lifestyle where making money to buy possessions is not important. For others, they want the freedom to work when they want and not when they don’t want. You will never get that freedom working for someone else. Working for someone else puts money in THEIR pocket. You need to control your own schedule and your own creative process. And the most important thing is, if you don’t want to work at all, you don’t have to.

How you work this out is up to you. Whether you choose to move off-grid and have a self-sustainable homestead, whether you choose to do freelance work and be your own boss, or whether you choose to create and live off of residual income, Dare to be different.

Here are some interesting videos about different ways people have approached this problem.

How Working Less Could Solve All Our Problems

Here are ten things I have used in the past to make extra money that don’t involve working for an employer. Use them one at a time, or all at once. The choice is yours.

  1. Bartering – trade your goods or services for what you need, including selling your baked goods.
  2. Give lessons – piano lessons, tutoring, whatever your skill is.
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk – – perform tasks online for Amazon, work from home, or from the library’s free computer access.
  4. – – provide fast, quality services of transcription, captioning and foreign subtitles. 
  5. Curb painting – some stencils and spray paint, and you can paint house numbers on curbs for $5 to $10 per house. 
  6. Sell on Ebay. Or have a garage sale.   
  7. Self-publish your book on Amazon for free. Sell it on Amazon, Facebook, and Ebay. Sell from your own free blog or website.
  8. Freelance writing –
  9. Teaching English Online –
  10. Workmarket –

If you want to minimize your dependence on money, the best thing you can do is move to a state with lower rents. The biggest objection I get to this is “I don’t have the money to move.” This doesn’t have to be a hindrance. When we moved to Colorado, we also had no money to move. We didn’t even own a car. We had a garage sale and sold everything except our clothes, computers, and a few mementos. We did box up some books and photo albums and left them in a friend’s garage to be shipped to us later. We then rented a car, packed the trunk and back seat with a flat screen television, our computers, a fold up grocery pushcart, a suitcase containing our clothes, a carrier containing our cat, two homemade quilts, and a variety of odds and ends poked in nooks and crannies. Before making the trek to Colorado, we had applied online for an apartment, so we already knew we had a place to live. We rented the car for one day only, and turned the car in after unloading our possessions into the apartment. We had just enough money left over to buy a bed. The apartment was just a couple of blocks from a grocery store, banks, and other essential services, and the town has a great bus system, so a car was not necessary. Eventually we did buy a little used car for $2,000. And even though we started out in an apartment with nothing but a bed, now, five years later, this apartment is bursting at the seams with stuff. We’ve got everything we need. It’s definitely cheaper, easier, and less hassle to sell everything instead of trying to rent a truck and move everything.

Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma are the three cheapest states to live in.

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