Rigid Economic Structures

As a species, we are obsessed with hoarding resources. Ownership is another word for hoarding resources. Capitalism is about individuals hoarding resources, and Socialism is about groups hoarding resources. Socialism is a little bit better than capitalism, but it would still be better if there were no ownership.

Since governments will probably never freely give away resources, it is our hope that individuals with resources will choose to adopt the viewpoint that nothing belongs to us, that it is our obligation and pleasure to share with everyone else.

By the way, during the COVUD-19 crisis, I received a small micro grant from Andrew Yang’s organization Humanity Forward. It was small but helpful. I thought that was it, but a couple of months later, a larger grant showed up in my account, unsolicited. I said to myself, this is the way America is supposed to be.

We’re supposed to want to buy and own things, including things that take years to pay for like houses and cars.

What if you don’t want to do that? What if you don’t want to spend your life working for someone else just so you can buy things? We support you in whatever lifestyle you choose, whether it is popular or not.

How Working Less Could Solve All Our Problems

More later.

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